2016 Alumni Shoot Fundraiser



*  11/19/16 at 9am.   $75 for both SHOOTERS  &  NON-SHOOTERS

*   Oakdale Sportsmen's Club  840 Stearns Rd,  Oakdale

*  New... Stand Up! raffle for every one!

*  Benefiting USMC Toys for Tots   &   Welcome Home Heroes Foundation

*  As always,  an on-site raffle, lunch, snacks, shooting drills, quality time with friends & family

*  More information below:

This year the event will be held on Saturday,  11/19/2016, and will begin at 9am at the Oakdale Sportsman's Club.  Please read on for a brand new, never offered by Valley Defense, raffle opportunity!  The Stand-Up! Raffle

Starting last year, by popular demand, we increased the attendance options for our Valley Defense Alumni Shoot Fundraiser.  All Valley Defense students are invited and may register on our website as either a Shooter or Non-Shooter.  Any adult can attend...you do not need to be VDC, Inc Alumni anymore.   If you are not Alumni, you will not be shooting at the event, so you will register as a Non-Shooter.  Either way, you need to bring both ear / eye protection and closed toe shoes.  If after reading the details below, you have more questions, please email us by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We look forward to you joining us! This new plan gives us the opportunity to allow more people to attend, but still keep the range activities a manageble size and safe.  Please keep in mind, Non-Shooters do not need to be graduates of our firearms classes, but they still need to be adults and need to bring ear/eye protection.

Thank you for your interest in Valley Defense's 8th annual fundraising event!  If you have never attended this event, I encourage you to join us this year.  Keep in mind there is limited seating, and we were sold out the last 3 years.  It's held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and it's all about:  Food, Fun, Givin' & Guns!  We run some shooting drills with awards, have a guest speaker and/or demonstration, more food than you can eat, and offer great raffle items, including guns and ammo! We benefit 2 non-profits at this event in an effort to bring awareness & funding to these amazing organizations. Every year we recognize the USMC Toys For Tots (501c3 #20-3021444) and each year (in addition to USMC Toys For Tots) we recognize a different 501c3. 

Well, we are happy to share that Welcome Home Heros Foundation (WHHF 501c3 #26-3160981)will once again, be our focus.  They've done some really great things over the last year and we are excited to work with them more.  We are ALWAYS impressed by the kindness, interest in community, and generosity our students show at this event.  On the contrary, it seems each time I watch/read the news lately, I am heart broken by how divided we are becoming....well, even how divided we've already become.  I think that's why I'm am always so moved at this event by those in attendance, and by our amazing support staff.  This event is not about crime, political party, race, gender, Hillary and Donald ... it's not even about whether you are a gun enthusiast or not.  It's about a group of people coming together to have some fun, as well as share a meal and some laughs.  Mostly, it's about us, as individuals, recognizing how very blessed we are, and looking beyond ourselves to learn about others that are struggling and may be in need of our help.    

...One nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE...

* In addition to attending, if there is a way you'd like to help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at your earliest convenience.  We are taking Event sponsors, Gun sponsors, and Ammo Sponsors, and we are grateful for any other items you would like to contribute.  Finally, but hugely important, if you can benefit, or if you know someone that can benefit from this years 501c3 organizations, please contact them (information below) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  

This year the event will be held on Saturday,  11/19/2016, and will begin at 9am at the Oakdale Sportsman's Club.

Please click here to read about the Stand up! raffle

IMPORTANT INFO:  100% of the funds received from this raffle will be handed over to WHHF.


Welcome Home Heroes Foundation      WHHF is a benevolent nonprofit organization based in Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties. Welcome Home Heroes Foundation is a homegrown, grass roots 501c3 organization made up of Gold Star & Blue Star Families as well as local veterans. They are all volunteers (no salaries, overhead, etc) and 100% of the funds they receive go toward the support of U.S. veterans and their families.  They work directly with the Veterans Administration (VA) staff located at the Palo Alto and Livermore facilities in California, as well as the U.S. Military. They have been addressing the needs of OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) veterans by helping to bridge the gap between the time the veteran is evaluated by the VA and compensated by Dept of Defense (DOD). WHHF assists with emergency transportation, housing and other financial aid, as well as recreational based therapy activities.  Activities such as outings biking, fishing, rowing and other outdoor activities designed to both build confidence and establish connections with other veterans dealing with the healing process from physical and emotional injury.

WHHF 501c3 # 26-3160981

HOW VALLEY DEFENSE CHOSE WHHF:  For a while now, I have been wanting to start a non-profit that would have a 2-pronged impact on our community.  One of those is that I want every single soldier (living or fallen) with an honorable or medical discharge, that comes into our central valley, to have a welcome home party.  If they are fallen, as a community, it is important to show our support and gratitude to their loved ones.  If they are living, they need to be rallied around and welcomed...their journey is not over.  In my opinion, it should be a production...literally, an extravaganza!!  I have a picture in my mind: civilians on strategic passes over the highways, lighted escort vehicles - a motorcade if you will (our politicians have them! Why shouldn't our soldiers?!), even a couple strategically located ladder trucks prominently displaying our flag and maybe the flag of the "celebrated" soldier's branch of military.  Also available to them would be funding/organizing assistance for a party (if the soldier wants one) to include their loved ones. For several reasons, that has not happened yet.  But!  I was having breakfast with some dear friends after church, and I was sharing my vision with them.  They turned and looked at each other (mouths open and eyes wide) and I immediately knew that I was missing something juicy!  They began to tell me about Mike Anderson, Sr - USMC Gold Star Father.  On December 14,  2004 Mike's 21-year-old son, Cpl Mike Anderson, Jr-USMC, was killed in Fallujah, Iraq.  In spite of Mike Sr's grief, he created WELCOME HOME HEROES FOUNDATION.  I contacted Mike, and after Vince and I finished our meeting with him, it was clear...WHHF would join Toys For Tots as the Valley Defense non-profit beneficiaries.  On a sad note, we have learned in the last couple of years, that every day American soldiers take their own lives ... on our soil.  If they have made it through a conflict, returned home and then (THEN?!) suicide is their only option....Goodness.  We are seriously doing something wrong.  I am desperate to see those numbers fall and to see the numbers of happy, healthy, and whole veterans increase ten fold.  These are some of our first steps...maybe together we can figure out how to do more from this point forward.

WHO:  All Valley Defense Alumni (16+) are invited.  You will register on our website as a  Shooter   or a   Non-Shooter  Non-Alumni will register as a  Non-Shooter        Please, no children, and no un-registered observers.  Thank You

WHEN:  Saturday,  11/19/16  at  9am (we are usually finished around 3:30ish)

WHERE:  Oakdale Sportsman's Club:  840 Stearns Rd     Oakdale,  CA

Please click here to read about the Stand up! raffle

IMPORTANT INFO:  100% of the funds received from this raffle will be handed over to WHHF.