Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General
Because mistakes happen. We’ve had problems with students bringing home loads before, and it really compromised their safety, and the safety of others around you. We understand why you would want to, we are just cautioning you. The ammunition you bring is your responsibility.
Yes. If you are brand new to guns, we recommend taking a class from us before you buy the gun. We have gun rental packages that include: firearm, magazines, holster, and mag pouch. This is a great way to have a better understanding of how you will be holding and manipulating the firearm. Something Christie can tell you that Vince doesn’t want to…There is nothing gender-specific about firearms. Nothing. It is all experience specific. You would never buy a car without doing your research and testing out a few. If a gun salesman suggests you buy a particular gun because of your gender, walk a way and never go back!
Possibly Tactics for Close Quarters Encounters. After live fire exercises, we will give each student a “pat down” to make sure there are no weapons on you. Then we will arm you with an Airsoft pistol and run you through some real life scenarios…Do you shoot? Don’t shoot? Call 911? Stay inside or confront? It all depends. It’s fun, fun, fun and so very eye-opening! But overall, I have to say that we enjoy teaching ANYONE who is willing to learn from us.

DH1 (Defensive Handgun I) or New/Initial CCW (Concealed Carry). They are both great classes for a beginner. DH1 is one day, and CCW is 2 days. Just depends on how much info you want and how much time you have. We will also do Private Tutorials.

Absolutely. Upon arriving at our training, a surprising amount of people tell us that they’ve been shooting most of their lives. I’m so glad to hear that you are familiar with firearms, really. However, plinking at cans out on the back 40 and shooting at a public range are fun, but completely different than formal training. Most certainly different than formal training for the purpose of personal protection (or what I like to refer to as “not getting dead”). It’s a whole new ball game. Come out and train with us…you’ll be glad you did.
Since I have been a woman for…well, a bunch of years, I do have some experience on this topic. Yes, I can… if that’s what SHE wants. Man, woman, child, it doesn’t matter. If there are guns in your house you need to figure out how to get comfortable with them. The answer to that is simple…education. Our greatest fears are usually rooted in some level of ignorance/lack of knowledge. But receiving education is a personal decision. If a student comes to me and says, “I do not want to be here, but my spouse made me come”, I will issue them a refund on the spot and send them home. We need to empower and encourage each other, yet respect each persons timeline.
Absolutely not! Leave her be and let her buy something she is willing to use…and is confident using. I want her to feel confident in defending herself, not more terrified by a lethal weapon she doesn’t like. That’s all I have to say about that.
How exciting! We love this question! Yes! Drop us an email and we will get you set up. Considering the fact that we are discussing a very adult topic, I need you to evaluate the maturity level of your child. If you believe they are mature enough to focus (which sometimes derails me!), and have a real conversation about personal protection with lethal and non-lethal weapons. We will keep it down to a couple to a few hours depending on your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

Yes, we do require that you take them in order for your protection and ours. We run a very tight ship on the range. The levels of safety that we maintain are mandatory. We need you to understand some of the principles of personal protection, why we do things how we do them, and how we expect all students to handle firearms on our facilities. We have made exceptions in the past, and we end up regretting it (so does the student). The levels aren’t as much a skill level as they are a philosophy and exposure level.

DC1 (Defensive Carbine I) is a one day class. DC2 (Defensive Carbine 2) is a 2-day class. The second day of DC2 is spent at a private ranch in the foothills mastering what you learned on day 1. Plus the fun of a walk & stalk course in the woods, and a little bit of blowin’ stuff up on the hillside, and a tasty lunch on us.

Firing more bullets does not make you a better shooter. We are not interested in wasting your time or your money. Our goal is that you have the tools (mental and physical) to defend youself when faced with a potentially deadly threat. Some of that comes into play in the Combat Triad (also part of our logo) that represents Mindset, Marksmanship, and Gun handling. Learning how to get your firearm from you holster to the target in the quickest and safest manner does not require a single bullet. Discussing the moral/ethical values and the legality of a shoot (further protecting your family) is a huge part of deciding to defend yourself with a firearm…that too, requires zero bullets. We are not at the range to just blow stuff up (okay, sometimes). We are there to train for a skill set.

We confidently say, “ Yes”. That’s because we know that we put all of our hearts and souls into preparing you for…well, basically, for the unknown. But we are pretty modest, and don’t want to toot our own horn. The best suggestion I can give you is to speak with our alumni. You can even read their testimonials on our website, Yelp!, or on Facebook. I’d rather you heard it from other people like yourself.

Most definitely. We actually get this question a lot, which was a surprise. The State of CA and each LE Agency (County Sheriff or City Chief) set a minimum standard. We encourage you to train well above and beyond that minimum. I’m sure if you asked your attorney and your doctor, they would also tell you that more quality training is better.