Must Read Before Class

This information is intended for anyone attending or considering attending one our our classes. This information will cover some very important topics that will get you prepared to come to the range.
SAFETY; A class environment is a very different experience from shooting at a private range with a group of friends or shooting at a public range, indoor or outdoor.
You need to be very heads up at all times and situational awareness become extremely important. Handling firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Specifically handling guns anywhere on the range except on the firing line and after being instructed to do so. Handling guns anywhere else on the range is a class of 1 0-20 people is a NO-GO! We will cover the safety rules before setting foot on the range and it your responsibility to abide by those rules. Adhering to those rules will keep everyone safe and allow you to get more out of the class.
RELAX, and HAVE FUN; our classes are meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience. It can however create a great level of apprehension when you step onto the line knowing that you are there with people you do not know and they all have guns! Often when people find themselves having a hard time following instruction it is because they are overwhelmed with information or stress. If you find yourself there, relax, take a breath, slow down and get back to the tasks at hand. We will take care of you.
EQUIPMENT and GEAR; Please look over the equipment list for the class you are considering or have signed up for. This is CRITICAL! If you have questions PLEASE CALL US or email us. We have been doing this for a long time and we can help you and get you and your gear squared away. Showing up with the wrong equipment can create alot of problems. It will diminish your learning, it will slow own the rest of the class and may cause you to have to leave early or not be able to participate at all. Easy things like having a good sturdy belt for a handgun class or not having the right holster can mean the difference from having a great day to having a punishing experience.
HOLSTERS; The correct holster and magazine carriers are essential for a pistol class. soft nylon holsters are not suitable and should not be brought to class(or purchased) Appendix carry, small of the back carry, and shoulder holsters are not allowed. We also strongly discourage the Blackhawk Serpa holster, although it is popular it is not an ideal holster. The finger release has created a great deal of problems for many shooters. Paddle holsters are also discouraged as they frequently come out of the belt with the gun. Please call us we can direct you or let you use some of our gear.
PISTOLS; Double action and sub-compact guns should be avoided. For the average shooter, which is most of us, these guns are hard to shoot and make mastering the basics difficult. This goes especially for 2 inch revolvers and micro sized .380's. A Glock 17/18 or any of the full-size or mid-size XD's or M&P's are fine and are by far a better choice all around. This is usually the curse of the female shooter who has been influenced by husband/boyfriend/gun salesman to get a small gun to conceal. Then they come to a class where they are expected to learn to shoot a gun that will challenge experienced shooters. It ends in frustration, cuts and band-aids and a bad experience. It also usually leads to buying another gun, which isn't a bad thing. It happens with men too. A small gun may be very concealable but they are also hard to shoot and manipulate.
AMMUNITION; Bring/buy quality ammo. Frequently ammo is the source of most gun problems. Reloads from other than commercial sources should be avoided. Many people today out of financial necessity reload or shoot reloaded ammo. We get that, but unless you are dedicated to taking the time to put together quality ammo leave it to the pros. Also +P or magnum rounds are not a good idea. It is difficult to learn if the gun isn't functioning properly or you are wincing from recoil.
LUBRICATION; Guns need to be lubricated. They are essentially machines with moving parts. You wouldn't run your lawnmower with out lubrication would you? We like to lube guns before class, at lunch break and at the end of the day after cleaning. Lubrication is actually more important than cleaning to some degree.
ELECTRONIC HEARING PROTECTION, EYE WEAR AND BALL CAPS; You have paid alot of money for the class and all that it entails including hearing all of the instruction. Hearing protection that blocks out too much can cause you to miss instruction and or misunderstand instruction. You then become a liability to yourself and others on the range. Buy an inexpensive set at first to get through the class and we can guide you to better quality products. You have a i-Pad and a smartphone, and GPS and all the other electronic do-dads in your life. Buy electronic hearing protectors and batteries!
OUR TRAINING PHILOSOPHY;  It is more important to hit than to be fast. We each must find our nexus point of speed and accuracy. You have no doubt heard "speed is fine but accuracy is final". Speed and accuracy are components of shooting that work together. We want you to learn to shoot accurately first.
Our round counts in our classes may not be as high as others, we simply do not believe shooting a bunch of rounds makes you a better shooter. Each round we fire should have purpose and form. We will give you what you need not always what you think you want. We are simplistic with guns and equipment. Nothing you can bolt on to your gun will make you a better shooter. Practice, perfect practice with good form and a consistent dry practice will make you a better shooter. Training is a vital part of raising skills for any physical endeavor, shooting is no different. Our classes are not geared to those wanting to be Navy SEALS or those wanting to engage in jumping through barrels and over barricades. Our classes are also not for those who spend their hours watching You-Tube videos and reading every gun magazine to obtain their training knowledge. If you know it all , please skip our classes. We don't know everything nor do we know anyone who does we try to give you simple tools that you are able to take with you and replicate during your continued travels. When you show up have an open mind, a good attitude, and be prepared to learn.

We hope this  helps you when making your decision to attend one of our classes and if it makes sense for you. Please call or email us with ANY questions or concerns. We sincerely hope to see on the range!