Rules of Conduct

Be respectful, to everyone, at all times! The facility we are using for training will ALWAYS be left in better condition than when we found it.

Always follow ALL Range Rules (posted at each training facility), regardless of the range facility in use. The facilities we use are very gracious in allowing us to rent/lease their facility for our training, and enjoyment. Respecting their property and rules is mandatory.

The range command “Clear for the Break” means put your weapon in the condition that you wish to carry it. (Usually this will be lunch break or end of day).

The command “Make Ready” means prepare to fire. In order – protect ears, and load your weapon or confirm it’s already loaded.

Eye protection will always be worn when on the range, whether shooting is in progress or not.

Keep your trigger finger straight along the side of the firearm when sights are not on the target…always outside the trigger guard.

Keep the muzzle pointed down range when loading.

Do not let the pistol dangle in your hand. You should be in only one of three positions: A firing position, a ready position, or in the holster. No other options.

While on the line, do not turn around with a firearm in your hand. Always holster your firearm before turning around for any reason.

The only time your firearm should be removed from the holster is when you have been instructed to do so. If you need to remove it from the holster while not on the firing line, don't. Contact an instructor, then follow their instructions.

Smoking is NOT allowed in any of the buildings or on the range.

For safety reasons, please place your name tag on the back of your cap or shirt/jacket, so that the staff can easily see your name from behind you.

There is absolutely NO gunhandling allowed outside of the area designated by VDC. This area will always be in the actual shooting area. (For example: no gunhandling in or near vehicles, in restrooms, buildings, etc. Very strictly enforced.)

Always follow ALL Range Safety Rules Say this to yourself:

"There are no “accidents” with firearms. If a weapon in my care discharges, it is negligence, and I am responsible for the the aftermath."