Wow. Some of my fellow students in the CCW renewal class Saturday, certainly had a challenging day. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the professionalism shown by all the Valley Defense staff on a very tough day. I also wanted to thank you guys for keeping all of us safe. When my foot heals up I plan on taking a DH1 class and maybe a DC1 class. Even though I didn't have the problems with gun handling some of my fellow students did, I could tell that I need some more training. I should have never missed those two shots. Thanks again for a very well handled class.

Harvey M.  - Oakdale,  CA

Mr & Mrs Bizzini,     Item #1) I have to chime in on the happenings during the CCW Renewal on Saturday. I saw total frustration on Bob's, Christie's and Vinnie's faces. I figured out why the crazy things occurred that day, as I have never seen such a class in which students were so ill-prepared (even though Vince & Christie list the equipment very clearly) on the firing line in my training career so far.  I thought these folks must be new to Valley Defense. I won't mention any company names but, the few CCW certification companies that have been removed from the lists of approved vendors has created a dangerous effect. Those untrained-unqualified patrons of these unethical ccw vendors that have not trained their customers not mentally nor philosophically, are now coming to VDC as brand new students, but to qualify for renewal. We are witnessing first hand the danger presented to EVERYONE involved being exposed to these untrained customers of the previous unethical ccw vendors. Looking at the bright side, those untrained-unqualified customers have now been exposed to quality information given by Valley Defense and hopefully they will seek further instruction and training so that they will become valuable ccw certificate holders instead of a dangerous liability to all of us. Kudos to Valley Defense for upholding the quality of training and philosophy regarding MINDSET-MARKSMANSHIP-GUN HANDLING.   Item#2) I had such a great time in class Saturday and I will tell you why. Since I have been a VDC customer starting from Valley Defense "day 1" back in 2008 or so, I have always been impressed with both Vinnie's and Christie's valuable information and training prowess. However, Saturday, I noticed something that stuck out like a sore thumb to me. That was the symbiotic continuity between Vinnie and Christie in the class conduct. You two have perfected the class information delivery to very high level of professionalism. It was like watching a dance. The segways between Vinnie and Christie were flawless and very entertaining to witness. Like I mentioned, I have been through many Valley Defense classes and it cemented in my own mind just how great it has been to be a student, in continuous training, with Vinnie and Christie all these years. Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Bizzini!

Brant L - Modesto,  CA


If you are looking for great courses and quality instructors, Valley Defense is the
right place!  Simply the best training available.  I have taken two courses ... CCW and
Defensive Handgun.  They were both excellent, and I can't wait to go back!  Don't
just own a firearm, learn to use it safely and with confidence.
June N - Modesto

Took a Defensive Handgun class and just have to say I feel so much
more competent on how to handle a gun and how to protect myself and my family
should such an instance arise. The first part of the class was in a classroom and
definitely a must especially for beginners such as myself. Thank you Vince for all of
the invaluable information that I will be able to use from here on out!  I let some of
my co-workers know about the class I took and got a few questions about cost. I told
them and they asked if I thought it was worth it, my answer to them was...I could
never put a price on the protection of myself and my family.  Looking forward to my
appt with Stan Co Sheriff next week so I can sign up for my CCW Course through
Valley Defense.
Zachary A – Modesto

Fabulous class with a strong focus on safety.  Very informative and professional
instructors.  They even stayed after class to assist whoever was interested in
cleaning their equipment.  I highly recommend Valley Defense to anyone who is
interested in learning the skills to protect themselves & their loved ones.
Thank you Vince & Christie.
Lourdes B – Modesto

If your looking for firearm training Vince and Christie are the best in the business .
They were very helpful and patient with all the students and the different skill level
everyone possessed. They made me feel very comfortable even though I was nervous
when I first got to class. I look forward to continuing future classes with these great
instructors .
Mario P - Hughson

I've taken DH1 twice once with Vince by himself, and then the second time with both
Vince and Christie. I'll be honest as a woman and also a wife, I like having Christie
there. She relates to my point of view to a T. She's super nice and helpful. I
recommend anyone wanting to learn how to shoot a gun to these two. My hubby and
I  will continue to learn from this powerful couple.
Jackie Z – Modesto

I finished my two day CC class with Valley Defense and I was very
impressed with their professionalism.  Vince and Christie are true professionals and
great instructors. They keep things moving at a fast pace, but not so fast the newbie
will be left behind.  Safety is their top priority and they make sure no one has their
finger on the trigger unless their muzzle is down range or they are ready to destroy
something.  If you are considering getting your Concealed Carry Permit, you need
to look at Valley Defense first and there is no need to look any where else.
Steve C – Tracy

If you are looking for the best firearms training in Central California, this is it. Vince
and Christie's combined years of experience, knowledge and natural teaching
abilities make the classes an unforgettable experience. A highly safe and
professional environment but you will leave with incomparable training and feeling
like part of the Valley Defense family.
Daniele R – Modesto

Just finished my 2-day CCW class today with Valley Defense and could not have been
more impressed. The teaching time on day 1 was informative, helpful, and filled
with interesting stories/scenarios. And the range time on day 2 was equally
excellent. Vince, Christie, and Vern are top-notch professionals and wonderful
instructors. They kept things at a fast pace, with little down time, but I never felt
rushed or that they were giving me more information than a neophyte like me could
handle. They don't put up with negligence (i.e., finger on trigger when not ready to
shoot, pointing your muzzle where it shouldn't be, etc.). And that's as it should be. If
you are looking to take a CCW class, or any gun class for that matter, I cannot
recommend Valley Defense highly enough.
Kevin E – Ripon

Vince and Christie offer an exceptional level of instruction and safety.  I recently
completed my concealed carry course there and was incredibly impressed with how
well the staff accommodated all levels of experience, taught new skills, broke bad
habits, and managed safety incredibly well.  I will be back!
Mark C – Modesto

I love these guys so much that I purchased another membership along with
pulling in as many friends as I can.  Great people and very effective instructions.
Good instructions and tactics are a must of you're going to own a firearm and there is
not better way to use your ammo :-)
Willard S – Modesto

Took a CCW course from Valley Defense, and loved every minute of it.  Vince,
Christie are great instructors. I've been to other CCW courses in this area and this is
by far the best and extensive CCW instruction I have had. They not only tell you but
show you and have you practice drills until it is "coming out of your ears" -- er, so to
speak. It is money well spent and worth every penny.  I recommend these folks to
anyone looking for fun --yet serious training.
Jeff W – Modesto

Just finished the Initial CCW class that Valley Defense offers and I could not be
happier with the experience. Going into the class I wasn't sure what to expect, but
was pleasantly surprised by the amount of instruction that was presented in such a
short amount of time.

Vince and Christie exude professionalism and have an absolute command of the
material. They treat each person with the utmost respect, from beginners to the
seasoned shooter.  At no time, over the two days was I bored or thinking this
material is redundant. Their style of instruction is engaging and they're both
excellent at reading the room - knowing exactly when the class may need a break.
The course is constructed in such a way that fundamentals are built upon each
interaction - on the range and in the classroom. When it's time for the range test, the
fundamentals you've learned (throughout the weekend) really do kick in.
You cant get any better training in the area
Jennifer J - Oakdale

I highly recommend Valley Defense Consulting.
Mel I – Mountain House

Not sure I can add anything that all these other great reviews haven't said. This
outfit is simply amazing. The best firearms instruction in the area by far. Safety is
top priority. Instructors are ex-law enforcement instructors and have plenty of real
world experience. For the level of training you get the cost is a deal.
Dean B – Modesto

Superb real world training by a group of pros that have been there, done that. I
highly recommend this company to any and all that need any kind of training with
John M – Oakdale

I just took their 16 hour ccw class and am extremely happy that I went with Valley
Defense.  They offer a safe learning environment and have extra help on the range
 to keep eyes on everyone and lend a hand if you need it.  They give one on one
attention to individuals who are struggling with technique or bad habits,  They will
show you how to deal with malfunctions in your gun and expect you to know how to
do it yourself by the end of class.  Their students are not hurried through instruction
but are given time to learn things the right way.  I now feel proficient and much
more comfortable with a hand gun.  The shooting was fun and the drills focused on
accuracy at times and speed at other times. These people care that you are doing
things the correct way and that they are sending responsible gun owners out into
society.   The stories the staff tell are very informative and entertaining.  The owners
and staff were all very nice people to work with.  I highly recommend Valley Defense
and would love to take more gun classes with them.
Renee M – Modesto

If you want to put yourself in the right place to learn how to handle your firearm in a
professional and proficient manner, signup for training with Valley Defense, youll be
glad you did.
Michael W – Lodi

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