LE Only | 1911 Operator Course

The iconic 1911 pistol has proven itself viable fighting handgun for over 100 years. It has found it's place in law enforcement arsenals for decades and there is new resurgence in it's popularity. However, the 1911 pistol does present some unique training challenges and skill sets that must be mastered before it is considered duty weapon. This intensive course will put the operator and their equipment to the test, and instil confidence in the selection of the 1911 s duty pistol.

* Design and function of the 1911
* Maintenance and lubrication
* Pistol and accessory selection
* Manipulation of the safeties
* Ammunition management
* Stoppage clearances
* Dynamic Close Quarters shooting
* Distance Shooting
* 1911 Operator Qualification Course (scored)

• 300 rounds
• 1911 pistol
• Duty gear
• 6 functioning magazines
• Eye/ear protection Hat