1911 Operator

The iconic 1911 pistol has proven itself a viable fighting handgun for over 100 years. It has found it's place in law enforcement arsenals for decades and there is a new resurgence in it's popularity. However, the 1911 pistol does present some unique training challenges and skill sets that must be mastered before it is considered a personal protection weapon. This intensive course will put the operator and their equipment to the test, and instil confidence in the selection of the 1911 as your pistol of choice.

* Design and function of the 1911
* Maintenance and lubrication
* Pistol and accessory selection
* Manipulation of the safeties
* Ammunition management
* Stoppage clearances
* Dynamic Close Quarters shooting
* Distance Shooting
* 1911 Operator Qualification Course (scored)

• 300 rounds
• 1911 pistol
• Range gear, 3+ properly functioning magazines, eye/ear protection, range glasses, etc
• 4 functioning magazines
• Eye/ear protection, brimmed hat (baseball hat is fine).  

NO open toe shoes, no low cut shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts.