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** Please Note: All courses hold a 20% non-refundable cancellation fee. * *
** Private-Members Only Training Days hold a non-refundable $10 registration fee. **

** IMPORTANT** EQUIPMENT NEEDED (Continue for Course Offerings)

All courses require brimmed hat, belt, closed toe shoes, collared shirt, and valid US-issued CDL or ID.
All HANDGUN courses require a handgun, holster, magazine pouch(es), and three pistol magazines.
For DH2 and above, knee/elbow pads are recommended.
All SHOTGUN courses require a shotgun with a barrel length of 20 inches or less...a sling is desirable.
All CARBINE classes require any magazine fed rifle (AR15, mini 14, 22LR-type AR15 clone), 3 magazines, optic or iron sights, and a sling.
All PRECISION RIFLE classes require .223 or larger caliber (semi-automatic or bolt action) with mounted scope/optic, Optic/Scope Requirements - fixed or adjustable power, Sling, Ammo - 250 rounds of identical ammo (same manufacturer, same bullet weight...this is the first lesson of class), Cleaning rod and cleaning supplies. Suggested: Knee/Elbow pads, ammo loops or pouch, shooting mat/bag, bipod, binoculars.

ARMORER SERVICES Our armorer services are available by request. Our specialties are shotgun modification, and sight installation for shotguns and handguns. We are certified Glock armorers and can direct you to other service providers if true “gunsmithing” is required.

MASTERY COURSES * a great opportunity ~ strongly reccommended! *
What is a Mastery Course? A Mastery Course is an "all shooting, no lecture" course you can take after completing the actual training course (DH1, DSHOT1). DH1, and DSHOT1 both have mastery classes.

Every reputable training facility in the country, stresses the necessity to practice the basics, and VALLEY DEFENSE CONSULTING is no different. Taking a Mastery Course gives you the ability to have the core information from the main training course, and then come to the range to practice what you learned in that main course, without more classroom time. During the main courses, we give you a ton of information...we want you to have a place you can go for some safe supervised shooting, and to help you absorb and practice everything you have already learned...to be the best...to not just finish the course, but to master it!!

These courses are very productive, and very fun. Your day will begin with shooting, and end with more shooting. This is an excellent opportunity to practice, with the guidance of a trainer to help you perfect your skills.Who is eligible for a Mastery Course? Anyone who has completed DH1, and beyond. Once you have taken DH1, for example, you can take the DH1 Mastery Course at any time, and the great part is you can take it as many times as you want. Even if you've worked your way through DH3, you have the option of taking DH1, DH1 Mastery, DH2, or DH3 anytime! We strongly reccommend taking the Mastery Course at least once before moving on to the next level of training.