Non-Lethal Personal Protection

This course takes place in a classroom setting, and is structured to help you stay out of a bad situation. However, if a bad situation is unavoidable, we will give you some pointers on how to protect yourself WITHOUT using lethal (deadly) force. We will teach you how to use your self (your body, voice, etc), and non-lethal tools (like the civilian model Taser, and pepper spray). We will also discuss the liability you face in using any of those methods.  A great class for men and women, for employers and employees, for high shcool students and college students.  This approach might be what helps you out of a bad situation, when that situation doesn't warrant deadly force (ie: the use of your firearm).

*A canister of pepper spray, and an inert training cansiter are included in your tuition.
*You will not be expected to personally experience the effects of pepper spray at this training.
*Pepper spray will be available for sale after class.

Please remember that in this course we will be having adult conversations.

Course Age Requirement............. 16+                                                                                                      Course Length........................... 3.5 - 4 hours (approximately)


ATTENTION, GENTLEMEN: I have had a lot of my male firearms training students tell me, "Wow!! That's great! I'm going to send my wife and my daughters to that class!" Thank you for trusting me with your family, really!! That's huge. HOWEVER!! As proficient and confident as I want both men and women to be with a firearm, the actual occasion of you using a firearm for self defense (within the law) is slim to none. Please know your other options. This could be the REAL meaning of "protecting your family"! Please email us if you have any questions... anytime!