LE Only | 2 day Pistol/Carbine

This course is designed specifically for today's Law Enforcement Officer. Because of our belief inon-going and up-to-date firearms training we are offering LE personnel an opportunity to seek out some great training. Most departments are cutting back on in-house training as a result of budget cuts. Whether you get the department topay your tuition, or allow you to do this training "on the clock", or if you attend on your own dime, and your own time, wewanted to make sure you have had the opportunity to keep your skills sharp! This intensive 2-day course will cover the operation of the handgun and carbine in the law enforcement environment. After a refresher of the basics, students will be exposed to performing drills and exercises with emphasis placed on speed of presentation and combat accuracy. Ammo management, movement, and "driving the gun" skills will be stressed.

Course Length........2 days
Course Location.....Coalinga Area...Range location TBA
Ammunition............350 rounds pistol & 450 rounds rifle

• Eye/Ear Protection
• Duty Pistol
• Minimum 3 Magazines
• Duty Flashlight (plus add'l related gear Duty Carbine w/ iron or optic sights, sling, 3 magazines Suggested for Your Success (and your flesh)
• Note-taking materials
• Knee/elbow pads suggested