This course is designed for the optically-sighted rifle, and is an introduction to practical rifle marksmanship for field use. Whether you are interested in hunting, defensive shooting, or simply developing rifle skills, this 2 1/2-day rifle course will give you a solid base in rifle marksmanship. You will learn how to zero your rifle, and make scope/optic adjustments in the field. You will be shooting from 50-600 yards using multiple shooting position, as you would on the hunt.Many of the drills you will experience will be under time pressure, and at unknown distance, in an effort to better prepare you for your hunting experience.

Course Length........2 days  (Day 1: on local range, Day 2: on private property in neighboring county
Ammunition............250 rounds of identical ammo (ie: every round needs to be the EXACTLY same manufacturer, and same bullet weight...IMPORTANT)

Age Requirement: 16+ with an enrolled parent/guardian (no observers)

• Rifle Requirements- .223 or larger caliber (semi-automatic or bolt action) with mounted scope/optic Optic/Scope Requirements - fixed or adjustable scope, sling mandatory
• Ammo - 250 rounds of identical ammo (same manufacturer, same bullet way...this is the first lesson of class)
• Cleaning rod and cleaning supplies, eye/ear protection, 3+ properly functioning magazine, range glasses

• Knee/Elbow pads, ammo loops or pouch, shooting mat/bag, bipod, binoculars

NO open toe shoes, no sandals of any kind, tank tops, musccle shirts, low cut shirts