Low Light Pistol & Carbine

A dynamic course in the use and operation of both, pistol and carbine for personal and home defense; particularly; in a low light setting. This course runs from Noon – 9pm. This time slot gives you the best environment for learning to run drills with your equipment during the day, then put you and your equipment to the test after the sun sets. We will discuss flashlights, the pistol, the rifle, ammo, and equipment selection. This course is designed for any pistol (.22 and above), carbine (.223, 7.62x39, pistol caliber carbines or 22LR-type AR15 clones).

Course duration……..... 1day

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Flashlight……………...  Properly functioning hand held or weapon mounted lights are acceptable (bring extra flashlight batteries)

CARBINE:  200 rounds of .223 (or suitable caliber), 3 or more properly functioning rifle magazines, sling. 

PISTOL:    200 rounds, 3 or more properly functioning magazines or speed loaders.