Defensive Lever Gun

For over 150 years Americans have used lever action rifles to protect themselves and put food on the table. With the advent of semi-auto rifles the iconic lever action has been relegated by most people to history's scrap heap. But to the thousands of enlightened, the lever gun still goes into the field to provide food and is still a formidable defensive weapon. Like a pump shotgun, the lever action rifle is sturdy and reliable. Available in a wide variety of calibers from .22LR to 45-70 Gov't it can be used to secure supper or defend the castle.
This course will push you and your gun to peak efficiency for any occasion that may arise.  Range distances 0 to 100 yds.
Equipment needed:
Lever action rifle (any caliber, iron sights best)
Butt-cuff or cartridge belt slide (suggested)
Knee/elbow pads
200 rounds of ammo