Red Dot Pistol

While red dot optics are not new, their use on pistols for defensive carry is becoming more popular. They do, however, create a learning curve for a shooter transitioning from iron sights.

Red dots have advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed in class. We will cover a wide range of subjects including mounting and zeroing the red dot, making accurate shots using target focus techniques. The most daunting task for the new red dot user is finding the dot.

We will explore dot tracking methods, and target transitions. We will also explore distance shooting with the red dot and the advantages it may provide over iron sights.


-  Red dot equipped pistol
-  Holster/mag pouches/belt
-  Hearing and eye protection/ball cap
-  Range and weather appropriate clothing
-  3 magazines (minimum)
-  200 rounds of ammo (minimum)


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